Estate Administration

What to do when a Loved One Passes Away

Probate and estate administration may feel overwhelming, especially during your time of grief of your loved one, and if you have been named executor. The Law Office of Matthew C. Yu, located in the Los Angeles South Bay, can help make the entire process less painful and easier for you. It is important that you determine whether he/she had a Trust, and if not, whether he/she had a Will.

If there is a Will 

You will need to contact an attorney who is experienced in Probates. That attorney will assist you throughout the Probate process. In addition, the attorney will guide you in getting assets re-titled, gaining access to safe deposit boxes, and everything else that must be done.

If there is no Will 

Without a will, you will also need to contact an attorney who is experienced in Probates. The court will have no guidance about the wishes of the deceased. It will distribute the assets according to state law. The Probate process is difficult to navigate because of the requirements the court has set forth. An experience attorney will be able to finish Probate more quickly and let you get on with your life.

If your Loved One has a Trust

It is important to contact an attorney to help you prepare the needed documents to distribute and re-title all assets. Additionally, if you are the chosen Trustee, then you will want to employ an attorney for guidance. Working with an attorney will reduce the change that you will breach your fiduciary duty and subject your personal assets to litigation.

Contact Matthew C. Yu Estate Planning Attorneys

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