FAQ on (Revocable) Living Trusts

In the state of California, whether you have a written will or not, your estate will go through probate upon your death. If you have resided in California for any length of time and own real estate here, you may … Read More

elderly man reviewing assets not eligible for probate

Do all assets go through probate?

If your loved one’s estate plan included a will, it will need to go through probate court for its contents to disburse. Yet, they may have excluded certain assets that they held from their will. Some omissions may be accidental. … Read More

Paying off debt of loved one after deceased in California

How Are Debts Handled After a Loved One’s Death?

Categorizing and paying a loved one’s debts during probate The majority of people accumulate some debts during their lifetimes. Ideally, individuals would pay off their outstanding balances and eventually reach a point where they no longer have debt. However, if … Read More