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Fiduciary duties and probate administration

The probate process can be challenging for multiple reasons, not only for those in charge of an estate but for beneficiaries as well. As if the emotional toll of losing someone you love is not hard enough, stress related to the probate process can be overwhelming. As a result, it is imperative to do what you can to minimize these difficulties and prevent complications. Unfortunately, disputes arise for many reasons, and if you are the executor of an estate you may find yourself in a tough position if you have been accused of failing to respect your fiduciary duties.

Executors have a number of responsibilities while administering an estate, such as dealing with debts and creditors, handling tax matters and ensuring that the assets of an estate are distributed appropriately. They may be accused of neglecting their fiduciary duties for a number of reasons, such as a disgruntled beneficiary who is unhappy with some aspect of the estate plan or the way in which it is being managed. In some instances, a beneficiary may try to get revenge by accusing an executor of wrongdoing even though they are innocent. For example, someone may be upset that their loved one distributed property in a particular way or that they were not placed in charge of the estate.

These accusations can be very difficult, and executors may face tough consequences when they are accused of the breach of fiduciary duties. If you are going through this, it is essential to review your legal options and look for the proper way to handle the allegations.

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