There are a number of reasons why wills are challenged, but in this blog we will take a closer look at will contests due to dementia. Whether you are in charge of a will as the executor and a beneficiary has decided to contest the will, or you are a beneficiary who is upset with a will that you do not believe is valid, it is imperative to handle this situation carefully. When a will is challenged, the outcome of the contest may have a significant impact on an entire estate and could significantly affect you and your loved ones.

When someone is struggling with dementia, they may be unable to create a will properly. They may not have the ability to fully understand the impact of their decisions with regard to estate planning, and they may be subjected to undue influence by someone who wants to take advantage of them due to their mental state. Dementia can make life incredibly challenging, and many different challenges may arise when someone’s mental state deteriorates in this manner. Moreover, our law firm fully recognizes how difficult the probate process can be, especially when a will is contested.

Aside from dementia, there are other reasons why wills are challenged based on the testator’s mental capacity, such as drug addiction. It is important to approach these issues from the proper angle and have a clear understanding of what you can do to strengthen your case in court. We cover other legal topics related to challenging a will on our website.