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January 2019 Archives

Fees and expenses commonly associated with probate

If your loved one appointed you as the executor of his or her will, you may already know that you have a time-consuming and likely difficult journey ahead of you. You certainly want to do your loved one justice by handling the necessary final affairs correctly, and to do that, you need to have the right information for each task you have to complete.

How is depression in the elderly treated?

If you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home, you may be concerned about his or her mental wellness. Many seniors suffer from depression and emotional issues, which can have many serious health effects if left unaddressed. WebMD explains how depression impacts older people and what to look for if you’re concerned for someone you love.

Challenging the lucid interval

The loss of a parent or another close relative can be an emotional time. If you or another family member is the executor of the will, there may be beneficiaries who dispute their portion of the estate. In other situations, a recent change to an existing will gifting a large part of the estate to a caregiver or charity may result in a challenge to the will's validity. At The Law Office of Matthew C. Yu, we have courtroom experience and often assist clients in trust litigation.

Protect your parent from undue influence

Writing a will or setting up a trust in California can be difficult and time-consuming. If a spouse passes before estate planning is complete, it can also be heartbreaking. At The Law Office of Matthew C. Yu, we have experience helping clients whose senior family members are the victims of undue influence.

How can I deal with addiction through estate planning?

Dealing with drug addiction in your family is often complex. This is especially true when it comes to estate planning. Many parents are wary of providing an inheritance to a child with an addiction, which can be a great source of conflict between family members when it comes to creating an estate plan. offers the following insight in this case, which can help you create a solid estate plan that doesn’t harm those you love who are struggling.

Categorizing and paying a loved one's debt during probate

The majority of people accumulate some kind of debt during their lifetimes. Ideally, individuals would pay off their outstanding balances and eventually reach a point where they no longer have debt. However, if a person purchases a house or a car later in life, it is possible that they will continue to have loan payments to address.

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