In some instances, the probate process can give rise to a dispute between siblings who have never encountered any serious challenges in their relationship. Or, siblings who may have struggled with a longtime rivalry may find themselves at odds after their loved one passes away. Either way, our law office realizes that probate disputes can be particularly difficult when they involve siblings and other family members, and we believe that people in Los Angeles and across California should approach these situations with great care.

Sometimes, probate issues may involve complicated family issues that people have been struggling with for years (or even decades, in some cases). This can make it even harder for siblings to work through a probate dispute and the emotional side of these disagreements can be overwhelming. People may struggle with intense feelings such as anger, stress or depression and these emotions can get in the way of their case as well.

If your rights have been violated, it is pivotal to seek justice, even if your sibling is responsible for the wrongdoing. For example, if you are a beneficiary who is struggling with a sibling that fails to live up to their fiduciary duties, you should review your legal options. Some people are hesitant to hold their sibling accountable for wrongdoing with regard to the management of an estate, especially after a loved one has recently passed on. However, this is not acceptable and people who are struggling with any type of probate issue should closely review their options.