Few people enjoy family feuds. The Law Office of Matthew C. Yu understands that family harmony is important to most California residents, especially when it comes to avoiding probate disputes. You may realize that disagreements among your loved ones are inevitable, but there are things you can do that may lessen the chances of your relatives arguing over your estate after you have passed on.

The AARP team is fully aware of the family fights that can occur when you are planning your estate or when your will is read after your death. A dispute over the will can lengthen the time it takes for your loved ones to receive their inheritance, not to mention create rifts in the family that may be irreparable. You might preclude such issues by considering the following tips:

  • Carefully plan your will and ensure each point is detailed in clear, concise language.
  • Avoid the temptation to leave some of your children a greater inheritance than others, regardless of their circumstances. This might be misunderstood as favoritism, even if your intention is to help a less fortunate child.
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss your end-of-life plans and get your relatives’ input.
  • Give some belongings, such as jewelry and antique furniture, to your relatives while you are alive, so you can participate in their enjoyment of the gifts.
  • If any part of your will is unequal or you disinherit a relative, be sure to fully explain your reasons. This can make your wishes harder to dispute, even if your family members don’t like it.

As our page on probate explains, the probate process can sometimes be contentious. You might prevent some of the worst family arguments with careful and thoughtful planning.