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What are the signs of elder abuse?

Unfortunately, elderly people are often targets of abuse by certain individuals, including close family  members. Some people may look at aging people as easy to take advantage of, especially when it comes to financial matters. Accordingly, being able to recognize the signs of elder abuse is crucial, which is why offers the following information.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can often be identified by changes in a senior’s behavior. For instance, a person may suddenly exhibit off behavior or appear withdrawn. He or she may also attempt to isolate themselves from others, usually at the behest of the abuser. Additionally, pay attention when a caregiver reacts harshly to a person or frequently yells at or belittles him or her. This is usually an indication that emotional abuse is taking place.

Physical abuse

If your loved one suddenly has a lot of unexplained bruises or cuts, it’s definitely cause for alarm. Explanations for these injuries may also not match up, especially if they’re consistently bizarre. If you suspect a person is being abused, report your concerns to the authorities right away. If the person is living in a nursing home, be sure to contact the supervisors.

Financial abuse

Abuse can also impact an elderly person financially. If you notice that your loved one is suddenly having a hard time paying bills or buying groceries, or is using credit cards on a frequent basis, it could signal that someone is taking financial advantage of the person. Also, be wary about any changes to wills or other estate planning documents, as the person could be subject to undue influence.


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