Whether you are setting up an estate plan and are worried about how probate matters may affect your loved ones in the future or you are in the middle of a probate dispute, our law firm recognizes that these issues can be incredibly hard to work through. Furthermore, you may be facing challenges in your personal life that add to what you are already going through. For example, you could be struggling with a health crisis such as a cancer diagnosis, serious injuries following an unexpected accident or some other type of serious health problem.

Sometimes, health problems can be so serious that they derail a person’s life in many ways. Health issues can create financial burdens, cause physical pain and lead to a great deal of emotional suffering. Regrettably, some people allow their health problems to get in the way of other important affairs that need to be handled properly, such as those related to the probate process. If you are going through a probate dispute and an unexpected health issue simultaneously, you may feel as if you cannot deal with all of these hardships at the same time. However, failing to protect your interests and take the steps that are necessary could lead to additional difficulties which may have been avoidable.

From allegations that one has breached his or her fiduciary duties as the executor of an estate to disagreements between beneficiaries, we understand that there are all sorts of legal hurdles related to an estate which may need to be addressed.