If you want to avoid probate while estate planning, having a trust in place is the way to go. However, many people involved in estate planning in California struggle with picking the best trustee for the job. In this case, AARP recommends the following advice to ensure your selection is up to the task of managing your estate affairs after you’re gone.

Consider health & wellness

Age and health are two crucial considerations when choosing a trustee. After all, how much help can this person provide if he or she is unavailable when the time comes? Many estate planners recommend choosing a person who is younger, such as a younger sibling, to make sure they can do their duties after you’re gone. You might also consider selecting a backup just in case.

Make sure the person has common sense

Substantial business expertise is not necessary when choosing a trustee. Common sense is important however, as this means your selection will know when to seek outside assistance. Some issues involving your trust will be simple while others may be highly complex. That’s why it’s important that your trustee possesses good judgment when it comes to deciding the best course of action.

Review your selection every few years

Even if you’re satisfied with your choice you want to check in every few years. Maybe the person experienced a change in his or her health status and you’re concerned about availability. Additionally, major life changes like a divorce or new marriage can also be cause for concern. Having a frank discussion every few years will ensure that you’re just as comfortable with your selection as when you first made the decision.