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Probate and sibling disputes

Our law office has covered many different topics related to the probate process, such as wrongdoing involving executors and misunderstanding with respect to fiduciary duties. Many more challenges related to probate may arise and some can be especially difficult for entire families to work through. For example, siblings may find themselves in a dispute over the way in which an estate is distributed following the passing of their loved one. In extreme cases, these disputes can lead to permanent estrangement and even threats and violence. As a result, it is critical for those involved in a dispute and those who anticipate a dispute to approach things with care.

Whether you are the executor of an estate and are worried about behavior between siblings or you are involved in a dispute with your own sibling, emotions can run high and you may be unsure of how to handle the situation. For example, your loved one may have decided to name you as the executor, but your brother or sister disagree with this decision. Or, perhaps your sibling is upset with the way in which property was divided, or you believe that you were taken advantage of by your sibling who is not living up to his or her fiduciary duties.

Each case is different, but you should know your rights and try to resolve the dispute amicably, if you can. Click on the link to visit our law office's probate section for even more information interconnected to sibling disputes over an estate.

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