California residents who need to provide care and assistance for their aging relatives unfortunately also have to be concerned about the potential for abuse or neglect. This sadly happens at the hands of those tasked with caring for elderly people all too often. It is important for people to be aware of the many forms that elder abuse can take. While it can certainly be physical or sexual in nature, it can also take place without any physical harm or contact in the form of financial abuse.

AARP explains that elder financial abuse or exploitation has become a serious problem today. There are certain things that families and caregivers might want to watch for that could be potential signs of such abuse happening. These signs may also indicate that a situation is developing which opens the door for such abuse to take place. One of these signs is the increasing need for assistance especially with the most basic of daily activities.

The more a person previously independent needs to rely on someone else, the more they may feel an emotional attachment to the person who provides that help. That may give a supposed helper the opportunity to swindle money from the elderly person by preying on their need for help essentially. If a person becomes uncharacteristically isolated family members should take note. Often when financial exploitation is happening, the abuser tries to keep others away so their actions are not discovered.

Forbes notes that identifying and stopping elder financial abuse is a particularly challenging thing that is not yet well done. This leaves the responsibility to families to take action.