When people are faced with the task of writing and finalizing their will, they often see this process as the most important step to planning their estate. While this is somewhat true, equally as important is choosing an administrator or executor who is committed to overseeing their will following their death. People in California who fail to select someone who is trustworthy and understands how to execute a will can create tension, stress and even confusion following death.

According to Investopedia, people should be thoughtful in considering someone to execute their will. They should never ask one of their beneficiaries to be the administrator because it may put that individual in a difficult position where he or she has to assess whether or not to keep something or award it to another named beneficiary. Likewise, people who are considering naming a business partner as their executor may also run into a similar conflict of interest. A wise consideration for anyone looking to name an administrator is to select someone who is familiar with their family and in a position to maintain strong and healthy relationships with all named beneficiaries. 

Before people ask someone to be the executor of their will, it is critical that they understand what that person will be in charge of. This way, they can effectively relay that information to help the person they choose to make a confident decision. According to the Huffington Post, some of the tasks an executor will oversee may include preparing and filing tax returns, filing mandatory legal documents, distributing assets and organizing financial affairs.