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January 2018 Archives

Addressing the sensitive subject of inheritance

For many Californians, the last aspect of a family member's death that comes to mind is the money left behind. First, surviving family must discuss funeral costs and plans, help other family members cope and even decide the next step for a surviving elderly spouse or minor children. However, financial steps during this time are generally a necessity, and some surviving family find themselves in a situation they had never imagined before: a dispute over inheritance. 

Establishing guardianship for the sake of a minor family member

Many situations could necessitate the establishment of guardianship of a minor child. In most cases, a minor has one or two parents to ensure his or her care and make many important decisions regarding education, health care and more. However, in the event that a child does not have a parent present in his or her life or lacks a person to make legal decisions, it may be necessary to explore the benefits of establishing a guardianship.

Multiple parties fight over control of Charles Manson's estate

Many people in Los Angeles may feel as though they do not need to dedicate their time and effort into planning their estates because they have little to pass on to beneficiaries. The fact that small estates are often able to avoid probate seems to support this assumption. However, one's estate goes beyond his or her liquid assets. His or her name, likeness, works or intellectual properties can bring in future revenue. The control over the use of such properties is exercised by one's estate, which requires that one have an executor and named beneficiaries who can benefit from their use. 

Do all estates need to be probated?

On top of the grief that comes with losing a loved one in Los Angeles, you may also be confronted with the need to settle the affairs of his or her estate. You have probably been told that having an estate go through probate is a long, drawn-out process that can take a heavy financial toll on its assets. Yet before you begin to stress about having to go through all this, you should first understand that not all estates need to be probated. 

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