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June 2017 Archives

What goes to probate court upon a person’s death?

You may have heard someone say that something is in probate after a person's death. This refers to the California probate court that handles estates after a person dies. Not everything goes to court, though. According to the Superior Court of California, the court only steps in when it needs to because the law outlines who are heirs to an estate and how estates must be divided. In addition, if the person has a will, it usually is enough to handle the distribution of the estate without a need for it to go to court.

Is your loved one a victim of undue influence?

One common reason why you or a family member in California may dispute the legitimacy of a loved one’s last will and testament is undue influence. It is common practice for people to update their wills periodically throughout their lives. But when a loved one’s estate plans contain radical changes from previous versions, you may start to suspect that their caregiver or a family member used some type of manipulation to gain from their estate. 

Could your family benefit from a special needs trust?

Any California family could benefit from an estate plan, no matter the income level or value of personal assets. Some families, however, need more than a will to make sure that all family members are cared for in the future. Your family may benefit from the protections of a trust, which can set money aside for the care and security of certain loved ones after you are gone.

Family disputes in probate

Many in California have seen families go through difficult times after a relative dies, and very few things are as painful as family members having disputes over inheritances. Communicating clearly can help prevent family feuds from erupting out of the hurt and sadness that death can uncover.

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