Ozzie and Harriet were one of the first sitcom families, making Americans chortle along with the good-natured family and the small comedic adventures of a quiet life in idyllic America. Things have changed since then in both sitcoms and in real, living America.

An attorney recently outlined some of those changes by take a close look at the estate planning challenges presented by the characters in ABC’s hit series Modern Family. Set in suburban Los Angeles, the show provides an interesting set of problems for modern estate planners.

The show that began life eight seasons ago centered on the lives of Jay and Gloria Pritchett. Their blended family consists of the spouses with children from previous relationships and the baby they have had together.

The North Carolina attorney who wrote the essay on the sitcom notes as well that there’s a significant age difference between Jay (played by veteran actor Ed O’Neil, born in 1946) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara, born in 1972).

Estate planning for them would likely focus on inheritance for the various children, along with powers of attorney. The North Carolina author speculates that Jay would probably not opt to leave everything to Gloria, but would instead want his children Mitch and Claire, as well as the baby, to inherit portions of his assets.

Gloria is in a similar estate planning situation, likely to want to leave portions of her estate to the baby as well as her son Manny.

The attorney writes that a series of trusts for might well be an appropriate avenue for them to explore with an estate planning attorney.

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