Resolving Trust And Estate Disputes

After the loss of a parent, each child may process the loss differently. When one sibling is appointed trustee, disputes can arise over accounting, inventory and transfer of assets. In other cases, it might be a question of undue influence when 100 percent of the estate is left to a caregiver or only one child. These arguments can tear apart families.

Obtaining legal advice from an experienced estate and trust lawyer may limit damage to relationships. In will contests and trust litigation, our Torrance lawyers at The Law Office of Matthew C. Yu can find solutions. We will defend your interests and fight for the best possible outcome.

Necessary Courtroom Experience

Not every estate planning and probate attorney has courtroom experience. Many attorneys limit their practice to transnational matters and have never set foot in a courtroom.

Our founding attorney, on the other hand, is a tough litigator when it is required. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants and handled all types of estate-related litigation, including:

  • Will contents that allege undue influence or lack of capacity
  • Breach of fiduciary duty allegations related to accounting and reporting requirements

In trust litigation, it is often possible to force a trustee to follow legal requirements. Following a serious breach, it may be possible to remove a trustee.

Protecting Your Rights

When you have concerns about the contents of a will or disbursement of estate assets, speak with one of our attorneys.

Scheduling an appointment is as easy as sending our office an email or calling 310-986-2364. One of our attorneys can answer your pressing concerns during a free 30-minute initial consultation.