Steps In The California Conservatorship Process

Where do you start once you have determined than a conservatorship is needed? You will need to file a petition with the court. To avoid mistakes that may draw out the process, it is best to obtain the counsel of an experienced attorney familiar with the process.

The Law Office of Matthew C. Yu offers comprehensive legal services designed to get a conservatee in place as soon as possible. From an office located in Torrance, our attorneys represent clients from Long Beach, Manhattan Beach and other South Bay coastal communities.

Who Can File?

Our lawyers will move quickly to initiate a conservatorship court proceeding. Only certain people may file for a conservatorship. They must be related to the proposed conservatee and generally include:

  • A spouse, domestic partner or relative
  • An interested person or friend, for example a close neighbor
  • Any interested state or local agency

The court considers the best interests of the conservatee when determining if it necessary to appoint a conservator and who is best suited to fill the role. The court may accept a request, but otherwise follows a list of preferences that starts with a spouse, adult child or sibling.

Responsibilities Of A Conservator

We can help you understand the responsibilities of serving as a conservator. In some cases, when family members do not reside locally we can assist in identifying a professional fiduciary who could serve as a conservator.

Because the conservatorship process can take some time, you should immediately consult an attorney when signs appear that a loved one may no longer be able to provide self care.

Learn More About The Process

When estate planning documents are not in place, it is necessary to follow the complicated conservatorship process. Learn more about where to start and how long the process will take.

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